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Hi there, my name is Nick Martens. Welcome to my personal Android blog. I write about app architecture, Android technologies, Firebase, Java, Kotlin, or anything that comes to mind. I hope you enjoy it



Latest post: 27/03/2018
  • Kotlin generics scoping 27/03/2018

    This is sort of a continuation of the previous post. First I'll give you an introduction to generics in Kotlin, and next I will dive a bit deeper and show you how you can create your own functions like, let, apply, etc. Enjoy!

  • Kotlin standard functions 16/03/2018

    I have been using Kotlin for a while now. And, it was really hard to find proper beginner documentation on the standard functions like: let, apply, also, etc. So I decided to write an article about this, giving you some guidelines when to use each of these functions.


posts from 2017
  • Clean architecture on Android 29/03/2017

    I wrote this post inspired by the AppDevCon conference I visited. It explains clean architecture and how to use it on Android.

  • Messing with the Drawable state (2) 10/03/2017

    This post continues my earlier post, messing with the drawable state. It explains some of the shortcomings our solution had, and how to fix them.

  • Going wild with wordpress notifications 01/03/2017

    My previous version of the blog was running on Wordpress. In this post I will show you how I connected events from Wordpress to a very simple Android app. I will show you how to create a Wordpress plugin, connect it to Firebase, and show notifications in an Android app.

  • Packages are like classes 22/02/2017

    I will talk about some analogies between package structure and class structure, and how you can use this to write better code.

  • Messing with the Drawable state 23/01/2017

    This post is all about drawables and managing their state. It shows how to implement your custom states and how to use them with your drawables.


Posts from 2016
  • First impressions of Agera 05/06/2016

    I wrote this post when Agera was just released with Google. I dive into the details and how you can use this simple reactive library.
    Note: At the moment of writing, I had no further experience with reactive frameworks like RxJava. Nowadays I would recommend the use of RxJava over Agera, because I think it is far more advanced and has several other benefits.

  • Increasing app performance with Flatbuffers 04/02/2016

    In this post I take a look at Flatbuffers and check out the positive effects it has on loading of you apps.

  • Testing Android applications with Mockito and Dagger 18/01/2016

    In this post I show you how you can set up an Android application that uses Dagger 2, in such a way that you can override the dependencies with dependencies for your test cases.